Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie 93 Recessed Arm Sofa

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The Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie 93 Recessed Arm Sofa constructed from quality materials. with the wonderfully designed in glamorous style. Buying Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie 93 Recessed Arm Sofa are beautifully on what a brilliant way to bring everyday luxury to your living room or family space.


This sofa pairs ultimate comfort with a stylish versatile design. Covered in soft quartz upholstery with boxy walnut-finished legs, this piece effortlessly adds to neutral or earthy palettes. Crafted in the United States from solid and manufactured wood, this sofa features rounded track arms on a silhouette that works well with a variety of styles.Overall: 38 H x 93 W x 40.5 D Upholstery Material: Polyester Blend Upholstery Material Details: 79% Polyester and 21% rayon Leg Material: Solid Wood

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie 93 Recessed Arm Sofa

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Title Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie 93 Recessed Arm Sofa
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    Great product, arrived on time and no problems. Beautiful Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie 93 Recessed Arm Sofa that immediately looks quite handsome wherever you place it. Better instructions would have helped but I figured it out.

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    Nancy B.

    The seller was very pleasant to deal with and the Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie 93 Recessed Arm Sofa! Shipping was done very expeditiously, arriving within a few days of purchase.

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    This Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie 93 Recessed Arm Sofa is a great addition to my home. It provides a sleek and unique look without taking up too much space or looking dated. I needed something tasteful, yet useful and this piece was perfect.

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    Great quality and look! Not difficult to assemble. Very satisfied with the purchase Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie 93 Recessed Arm Sofa

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    I was very sceptic to get Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie 93 Recessed Arm Sofa one online, without having to be able to ensure that you feel it first, and especially because my mom must sleep on it and want her to be comfortable. The sofa arrived timely, but it is an extremely heavy and large package! I had to assemble alone. In the beginning suffered somewhat but I was able to do everything alone in about 45-60mins. It converts very easily to a bed and back to a Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Rosalie 93 Recessed Arm Sofa A bit bigger compared to the standard sleepers and so far initial impression comfy for a sofa bed and am sure my mom will have a good sleeping! The colour is what I predicted and once again first impression top quality, easy convertible and comfy to sleeping on!! Am very happy with it!